Since our birth in 1988, we've funded hundreds of established music royalty earners including producers, artists, songwriters, composers, publishers, record labels, and their successors. Our tremendous growth from only one songwriter back in 1988 to hundreds of clients today has been almost completely through word of mouth. Driving this growth is our core belief that music royalty recipients should not have to wait months to get their royalty checks. Towards that end, we have developed special relationships with the most prominent music royalty companies in the world:
  • Sony/ATV, Universal, EMI, and Warner/Chappell
  • SonyBMG, Warner Music, UMG, and many, many others
During the last thirty plus years, we have always striven to build a relationship with each client and to earn each client's business with fast and flexible service that banks could only dream of offering. It is no wonder that our clientele have included both rising stars and some of the world's most famous names. MICHAEL JACKSON, one of our true musical heroes, even honored us by making us his private lender of choice. Please check out the articles about our dedicated service to MJ:

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Get Cash Advances

If you need cash now, but want to keep complete ownership of your royalties; then this option is for you.

We can advance you cash once we receive a temporary assignment of your future payments.

Our funding process is quick and simple:

  • MINIMAL credit requirements;
  • NO maximum loan amount; and
  • NO prepayment penalty or hidden fees.
Sell Your Royalties

If you are looking to get more money than a cash advance can provide, then consider selling your royalties.

Our associates can purchase your music royalties for a large, up-front cash payment.

The sales process is quick and simple:

  • MINIMAL credit requirements;
  • NO maximum pay out amount; and
  • NO more worrying about declining or fluctuating royalty payments.
To find out how much cash you can receive, please submit the one-page application below.
A representative will call you within one business day of receiving your information.


Is Royalty Advance Funding different from a bank?
We are very different than a bank — we provide much more flexibility, understanding, speed, and personalized service. We have minimal credit requirements, ask only for basic information, and strive to get you your money fast. We are a lender under the California Finance Lender Law with license #6031712.
How fast can I get cash?
Funding is normally fast and easy — cash advances can take as little as one week or less, depending on the circumstances.
Do I need to have good credit?
Everyone is welcome to apply regardless of your credit history. We have funded many royalty earners with low or even no credit.
Does my existing advance have to be completely paid off before I can get another advance?
You can request more advances at any time depending on your income.  We also can work with any existing lenders.
What if I want more cash than I can get from an advance?
You can sell your royalties for a large, lump-sum payment. To “cash out”, please just contact us to get started.
Can I get a referral fee?

We love to pay referral fees, so call us for details.

Do you only work with music royalty earners?

We can provide funding to recipients of almost any type of royalty stream or payments — such as book royalties, oil royalties, sports royalties, and lottery winnings.

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